Privacy Policy

Please read this notice carefully, as it discloses the privacy practices of Singa.

To use Singa, you are required to register or leave any personal information on the site. When and if your personal information is needed, you will be clearly asked to give it.

To register to Singa, you only need to give either your real name, or alias and your email.

Some functions and sub-services of the site may require more information to be given over, but that will be clearly stated and asked before you can use these particular services and functions.

Why do you need to give us personal information?

With your information, we can better serve you through communication and analytics. We aim to keep all our users up to date what is going on and we would like know who are you, so we can tailor our service to meet your needs and desires as precisely as possible. Some of the functions and services on this site are simply unable to work properly if we do not know who is using them.

How we treat your personal information?

We do not give away your personal information to third parties (advertisers and partners of this, for example) without our express approval.

However, we do reserve the right to supply basic, non-personal, information such as age range and gender of our users, to third parties. In all exchange of information, we will act according to the very strict letter of the Finnish Privacy Laws.

We do not take responsibility of actions of third parties that may gather information from this site via suspicious or illegal means. We also ask you to acknowledge, that all information that you, as the user, publish, is visible to third parties. We do not provide any personally identifiable information to third parties, but third parties might acquire them through other means that are out of our control.


We take all possible precautions to protect your information both online and offline to our best capabilities. We deny all unauthorized use of information that is obtained from this site.


Cookie is a text file that your Internet browser stores on your computer, so we may recognize you when you visit the site again. Through cookies we are able to keep you logged on to the service when you come back after your previous visit. You can use Singa without cookies (by disabling them from your internet browser), but then registering and logging in to the service is not available.

This site may serve third-party cookies for displaying ads. This way the advertising companies can better serve you advertising that may interest you.